A Conversation about Gestalt Coaching with Dr. Krister Lowe MA, PhD of Team Coaching Zone

Join Dr. Krister Lowe and today’s guest and pioneering organizational coach Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch for this week’s episode of The Team Coaching Zone Podcast. Dorothy Siminovitch, PhD, MCC is a Master Certified Coach, the founder of Gestalt Coaching Works, LLC and an international coach, consultant, group facilitator, presenter/speaker, and author. She is founder, co-owner, faculty, and Director of Training for the Gestalt Coaching Programs in Istanbul and in Toronto, both ICF-ACTP coach training programs. She is also co-founder of the Gestalt Center for Coaching, which delivers ICF-accredited coach training workshops and extended programs internationally. In this episode of the podcast Dorothy shares her journey into Gestalt-based coaching which she pioneered 20 years ago. Themes explored in the podcast include: the shift in human collective consciousness required to adapt to a VUCA world; an introduction to Gestalt approaches to intervention; key Gestalt principles and practices and how they inform coaching individuals and teams; levels of system; the influences of Appreciative Inquiry, Adult Learning Theory and Intentional Change on Gestalt-based practice; as well as a range of tips and techniques for applying Gestalt thinking to team coaching. Dorothy also shares a story from her team coaching practice and also introduces listeners to her latest area of innovation: Awareness IQ. Finally she shares information about her coach training programs in Toronto and Istanbul. Dr. Siminovitch is truly one of the pioneers and leading figures in the field of Gestalt-based coaching.  Every team coach will surely want to dive into the depths of Dorothy’s experience and wisdom in this episode!